Torchwood returning for a sixth series at Big Finish

After the success of series five of Torchwood (AKA Aliens Among Us) at Big Finish, a sixth series has been commissioned. Like series five, it will be released in three parts, each containing four more stories, the first in October 2018, with part 2 in February 2019 and part 3 in June 2019.

The new set will comprise four stories: Future Pain by James Goss, The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood by Guy Adams, See No Evil by John Dorney and Night Watch by Tim Foley. John Barrowman will return as Captain Jack Harkness.

Joining Jack are the rest of the series five cast from the end of Aliens Among Us (though beware reading it will reveal spoilers for series five's ending).Tracy-Ann Oberman is back as Yvonne Hartman, Paul Clayton as Mr Colchester, Alexandria Riley as Ng, Samantha Béart as Oor, Jonny Green as Tyler Steele, Rachel Atkins as Ro-Jedda and Tom Price as Sergeant Andy Davison.

Here's what producer James Goss had to say about the announcement:

"We had such a great reaction to series 5, it's been a delight getting the cast back together to do more. Now things are established the stories are more standalone, seeing Torchwood face some tough challenges – a plague of sleep, a city that goes blind, organising a funeral, and then there's an alien god to deal with!"

John Barrowman added:
"They are really great stories in series 6, they really move the narrative forward. I find all over the world, from Puerto Rico to Paris, from London to Pensacola Florida to South America, there are huge Torchwood fans and the audience is always growing."

You can catch our review of Aliens Among Us part three here and our interview from earlier in the year with Aliens Among Us with director Scott Handcock here.

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