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The Speccies hits the ZX Spectrum

Soren Borgquist has released The Speccies, a brand new 101-level puzzle game for the ZX Spectrum. Yes, the ZX Spectrum - you haven't entered a time warp, there ARE still games being made for the humble Speccy, over THIRTY years after its release!imageThe puzzler is actually a remake of The Brainies (also kown as Tiny Skweeks in Euroland), a game that has appeared on most 8 and 16-bit platforms and it's a pretty good version of the game.

You play as The Speccies – a species of small rotund creatures – that has to work together in groups of up to 8 – to solve puzzles that ultimately will see them sitting on their respective ‘home-pads’ (a blue Speccie will have to find its way to a blue home-pad, etc. for differently colored Speccies). They will have to deal with several items on the levels, some that will help (like extra time) and some that will make things more difficult (like arrows that will force them to change direction, or bombs that will kill them…unless you have a ‘Joker’). Other tiles in the playing area can be occupied by teleporters or ‘bouncers’ that will send you back in the direction you came from. In other words – lots of potential for a brain-workout.
You can download The Speccies now ad play it on an emulator via Soren's website...

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