Susan takes on the Daleks in the Time War as the Doctor's first companion gets her own series!

Susan takes on the Daleks in the Time War as the Doctor's first companion gets her own series!

Susan Foreman was there from the very start - the Doctor's very own granddaughter from 'An Unearthly Child' right up until the 'The Dalek Invasion of Earth'.

Doctor Who: Susan's War will see original actress, Carol Ann Ford, return to the role she first played over half a century ago and she'll be joined by William Russell who'll be reprising is role as Ian Chesterton alongside Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor and Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks.

Gallifrey needs every Time Lord to fight the Time War. A summons has been issued across the universe to its prodigals. Whatever their skills, the war effort can use them.

Susan’s call-up papers have arrived, and, unlike her grandfather, she is willing to join her people’s battle and finally return home.

Because Susan knows the Daleks, and she will do her duty...

Carole Ann Ford said “It's a very complex, interesting and fascinating piece of work which goes backwards and forwards in time in a way we've never actually done before in Doctor Who. We're finding all sorts of extraordinary ways to chase after time machines, and the different phases in Time Lords' lives are being investigated.

“Also, it's Susan when she's pushed on a few years. She has different attitudes to things and expects different behaviour from people that she's with. So this is marvellous. She's a much stronger person, and I really like that. ”

Producer David Richardson added “The Time War is a mighty battle on many fronts, and we are telling that huge story on many fronts too. This is Susan’s story - drafted into the war, an agent of the Time Lords and reunited with her past, firstly with Ian Chesterton, and then later with her grandfather in his Eighth incarnation.

“How lucky was I to spend recording days with legends like Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and Paul McGann, such key figures from the classic series thrown into this compelling era of new series Doctor Who? And with them are Veklin (Beth Chalmers) and Rasmus (Damian Lynch) - two characters whose story arcs spread through a myriad of releases, and help tie together our intricate Time War range.”

Doctor Who: Susan's War will be released in April 2020 and will feature four stories:

  • Sphere of Influence by Eddie Robson
  • The Uncertain Shore by Simon Guerrier
  • Assets of War by Lou Morgan
  • The Shoreditch Intervention by Alan Barnes

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