Star Wars writer, Chuck Wendig, wouldn't return to the franchise even if asked

Star Wars writer, Chuck Wendig, wouldn't return to the franchise even if asked

Chuck Wendig - writer of the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy of novels and creator of the sadly cancelled Shadow of Vader comic book series took to Twitter earlier today in a series of tweets in which he revealed that he would be unlikely to return to the franchise again, even if asked.

Wendig wrote "I'm oft to say that I'd come back if asked, and I don't think that's true anymore" citing issues he's had with fandom as being the root cause - "I just can't interact with this fandom anymore. Some of my most anxious, sleepless, gut-churning experiences have been from SW fandom -- not fans, but the fandom, and from a lot of sides of it."

Star Wars fandom has come in for a lot of criticism, especially since the release of The Last Jedi - a film which split fans and discourse. The irrational reaction of many fans has introduced a toxicity that wasn't present before and has, if anything, increased following the release of the saga ending The Rise of Skywalker at the end of last year.

Chuck Wendig's novels were well received by fans but his left-leaning politics seem to have caused Marvel to fire him from the comic book series he was creating before the first issue even went on sale - a very odd decision given Star Wars own politics is very much in line with Wendig's and many see Marvel's decision as one that bowed down to the demands of the most rabid of fans. Similar accusations have been levelled at Disney in recent weeks with many of the events in The Rise of Skywalker being considered to have been added to the film in order to make the film more palatable to the more toxic fans.

It's disappointing, but understandable, to see a writer of Chuck Wendig's calibre deciding to step away from writing for a franchise that he clearly loved. Similar toxicity has seen many of the stars of the most recent films being forced to leave social media under a barrage of abuse that no-one should have to deal with.

Thanks to Sarah-Louise for the heads up.

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