Star Trek: Prometheus sees Big Finish take on Star Trek!

Star Trek: Prometheus sees Big Finish take on Star Trek!

Big Finish have announced three upcoming audio book adaptions of the Star Trek: Prometheus books marking their first foray into Star Trek audios.

The books, which are narrated by Alec Newman, were originally published in Germany to mark the 2016 50th Anniversary of the series and follow the adventures of Captain Richard Adams and the crew of the USS Prometheus.

Two of the three books, Volume 1: Fire with Fire and Volume 2: The Root of All Rage, are available right now for £9.99 each while Volume 3: In the Heart of Chaos is set to arrive this December. The bundle of all three volumes retails at £24.99.

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This is the first time the stories have been available in the English language.

The official synopsis reads...

The Federation races to discover the culprits of several terrorist attacks, sending their flagship, the USS Prometheus, to stop war breaking out in the galaxy.

A mysterious terrorist organisation has carried out several attacks against the Federation and Klingon Empire. Tensions are running high in a region already crippled by conflict. The perpetrators are tracked to the Lembatta Cluster, a mysterious region of space whose inhabitants, the Renao, regard the Alpha Quadrant's powers as little more than conquering tyrants.

The Federation are desperate to prevent more bloodshed, and have sent their most powerful warship, the USS Prometheus, into the Cluster to investigate the threat before all-consuming war breaks out.

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