SquareOne is a new board game console – and it looks brilliant

Monopoly never looked this exciting

We love the look of the SquareOne board game console that has just been announced at CES in Las Vegas. The device, which allows you to play traditional board games but with the convenience of a digital device combines with external objects to provide unprecedented interactivity.

Using a high definition square screen alongside NFC-based tech to allow for passive devices such as dice to provide a seamless experience, the SquareOne could well justify its £400+ price tag.

The 19 inch device comes with a variety of pieces that can be used in the games playable on the system. The use of NFC will extend to additional peripherals and pieces that are released in the future and could well include ‘Amiibo’ like characters to use within games.

Coupling the love tangible elements of gaming – the cards, the dice, the pieces with digital interactivity could make this stand out from console-based takes on board gaming which suck a lot of that unique enjoyment out.

“By combining board game and video game, SquareOne offers family and friends a way to experiment tons of fun and excitement without the generation gap around technology or having to learn a full rulebook,” Franck Botta, CEO of Wizama, said in a statement. “We provide a multigenerational way to play where everyone can interact, immerse, bond, compete, set challenges or cheat!”

There are five games planned for launch including:

  • Oya Stones: inspired by Snakes and Ladders, this game is played using a dice to advance and cards to attack or defend.
  • Chromacy: tactical game of conquest. Each player creates a strategy to move, attack opponents to gain the board and gain territory.
  • Krubera: tactical and chance game. Each player must simultaneously shoot on the blobs to acquire precious stones and win the match.
  • Cosmo Squabble: 2 vs 2 shooter that works with connected cards and evolves in a spatial and cartoon style universe.
  • Fistful of Screws: roleplaying game taking place in a junkyard where animals are the rulers. Players play these bizarre creatures and explore the junkyard by moving the pawn and using their action card.
Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jan 08, 2019

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