Sky launch new broadband package and Sky Buddy app to allow you to take control over internet usage

Sky launch new broadband package and Sky Buddy app to allow you to take control over internet usage

Sky have announced new broadband package option, Sky Broadband Boost, alongside a new app - Sky Buddy - designed to let you take control over your household internet use.

Sky Broadband Boost is launching at £2.50 per month rising to £5 after 18 months. You can view all of Sky's broadband packages here.

Part of the new Sky Boost package, Buddy gives parents freedom to create uninterrupted quality family time by easily pausing the internet, as well as peace of mind for their kids’ online safety by managing access to apps and websites.

The innovative Buddy app – which is supported by Internet Matters – gives parents a simple and easy way to manage internet usage for all the family, including pausing the internet on connected devices for the entire home and for individual family members - perfect for creating dinner time without screen time.

The new app is the only UK service of its kind that works both in the home via WiFi and out of home via 3G/4G connections. Managing and monitoring screen time, including individual websites and specific apps, setting bedtimes and pausing the internet is easy with Buddy, even when your children are out and about.

Parents can also see how the devices are being used, as well as being able to review usage history. They can also reward good behaviour by gifting additional time online or allowing access to otherwise blocked websites – a unique Buddy feature.

Chief Executive Officer Sky UK & Ireland, Stephen van Rooyen commented: At Sky, we connect families to content they love so it is our responsibility to make sure they can do this safely. Sky Broadband Buddy is an easy way to manage and monitor children’s internet usage, and pausing the internet is a great way to ensure you can enjoy family time free from screen time – for both children and adults!”

Sky Broadband Buddy is part of the new Sky Broadband Boost pack. In addition to the Buddy app, Sky Broadband Boost gives customers a range of extra features, including proactive monitoring of broadband line speeds and faults through daily tests, complimentary engineer visits, including evenings and weekends. For customers that also have Sky Mobile there’s an additional insurance benefit if your line falters – through 2GB of data in your Sky Mobile Piggybank.

Sky Broadband Buddy will join Sky’s suite of existing products and services which ensure children’s safety both online and when watching TV. This includes Sky Kids Safe Mode for Sky Q and the dedicated Sky Kids app, both of which create an age appropriate, protected TV viewing environment to give parents complete peace of mind.

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