Podcast Podium: David Tenant Does A Podcast With…

Podcast Podium: David Tenant Does A Podcast With…

Talk show style podcasts do their best to imitate real conversations, and so the logical extreme of this is a podcast that is literally just famous people chatting about anything. That’s what David Tenant Does A Podcast With… is - an hour of the famous Scottish actor chatting with random celebrities.

But David Tenant Does A Podcast With… isn’t an interview, debate or quiz - in it Tenant and his guest just talk about anything and everything, seemingly at random. There’s occasionally the biographical question about life or careers but mostly the conversation darts around a multitude of topics, natural and carefree.

In the first episode he talks to Olivia Coleman (and her dog) and they talk as if they’re not on a podcast but just chatting at the park or pub. The podcast is really easy to listen to, either as an interesting insight to the lives of famous people or just as background noise while you’re doing something else.

If you actually want information on the guests, you’re also in luck. Coleman talks about her various early roles, and the recent The Favourite, as much as she does her early rally driving career and other novelties.

Of course one of the highlights of the podcast is Tenant’s dulcet tones, and it’s easy to get distracted by his wonderful accent. He could probably just talk to himself for an hour and it’d make for a great podcast.

The first episode of David Tenant Does A Podcast With… came out on Monday 28th January, and is produced by Somethin’ Else & No Mystery. Future episodes promise a large and varied cast of famous figures for Tenant to chat to, and hopefully they’re all just as long and entertaining as the first!

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