Microsoft are relaunching one of their hardware classics - the IntelliMouse!

The Microsoft IntelliMouse was something of a classic - a simple, but ergonomic mouse that became the ultimate tool for both PC gamers and those who used their computers for more serious pursuits.

And - it's BACK!

The newly updated mouse features the same sweeping lines that made the original so nice to use but it now features a new more modern look to go alongside the fantastic performance.

Announcing the new device, Simon Dearsley said “The timing of the release of the Classic IntelliMouse is really interesting. We’ve reached a point where tracking and switch technology and price has matured immensely. We saw this as an opportunity to improve on an icon by updating it with modern technology. We know how important the IntelliMouse range has been and wanted to take a moment to reflect on the history of it and do something special for our fans.

You can order the new IntelliMouse now via Microsoft.

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