Michelle Gomez returns as Missy to team up with THREE other incarnations of The Master in Ravenous from Big Finish - out today!

Michelle Gomez returns as Missy to team up with THREE other incarnations of The Master in Ravenous from Big Finish - out today!

Ravenous 4 is the newest boxset from Big Finish that will see four incarnations of The Master go head-to-head with Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor.

The set will see Michelle Gomez return as Missy alongside Eric Roberts, Derek Jacobi and Geoffrey Beevers who will all play The Master in his various regenerations.

McGann's Doctor will be joined by Nicola Walker's Liv Chenka and Hatie Morahan's Helen Sinclair. Not only that, they'll also be joined by Mark Bonnar's deranged, murderous Timelord, The Eleven.

Paul McGann said: “Mark's a very brilliant actor with incredible energy. I really like it because, for us, it just becomes a case of hitting the ball back. It's great because it's so unpredictable, you never know really what's going to happen next. He's the perfect foil and a great villain.” 

Derek Jacobi, who returns as The Master, first appeared in the role in the David Tennant era episode 'Utopia'. The highly regarded thespian said "When I announced I was going to be playing the Master in Doctor Who, even close friends that I didn't realise were fans screamed with amazement and delight. I didn't realise the character was so iconic. I played the character in one episode on the telly with David Tennant, then I was morphed into John Simm. I've been waiting ever since to be morphed back."

Nicola Walker, who also co-stars with Derek Jacobi in the popular BBC One drama series, Last Tango In Halifax, added “There's a slight problem for me in that, when I see Derek, I just want to embrace him and snuggle into the crook of his arm. But I can't do that this time as he's the Master. I have to keep remembering to be very suspicious of him.” 

The boxset features three new stories:

Whisper by Matt Fitton

Seeking respite after their battle with the Ravenous and hoping to find a quiet place where the Eleven can recuperate, the TARDIS crew visit the Still Foundation. But all they find is a small band of survivors under siege from a terrifying predator. A predator that hunts by sound.

Planet of Dust by Matt Fitton

On the parched world of Parrak, the Master holds sway. But he is exhausted and desperate, and his final hope for survival lies somewhere beneath the desert. When the TARDIS arrives, alliances will be made and trust will be broken –and feuding Time Lords will discover the Ravenous never, ever give up.

Day of the Master (parts 1 and 2) by John Dorney
The Doctor investigates a mystery in the vortex, Liv follows the trail of their enemy, and Helen searches for a god. Everywhere they go there is a Master or Mistress, but is the Doctor’s oldest enemy there to hinder him, or to help? With the TARDIS crew scattered and lost, only a miracle can save the universe. And for that to happen someone is going to have to die.

Ravenous 4 is available from the Big Finish website now!

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