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Join our Geek Team!

We're looking for the ultimate geeks to join is - if you have geek-level interests in ANYTHING there is a place for you on our growing team. Our definition of a geek is someone who has a really strong passion in their interests - so you could be a food geek, a fashion geek, a gadget geek, a space geek - the possibilities are endless

As the site continues to build an identity, you can be involved in shaping what it becomes; it's a really exciting time. If you can string a few words together in an engaging way, and want to build contacts within the industry that most interests you then we can provide you the opportunity to make a real difference.

We're also always keen to hear from anyone who has ideas for new areas of content. Commitment to deliver regular copy is more important than previous experience. We can't offer monetary reward, but we CAN offer you a chance to join a great team of people and make a real difference to the future direction of The Digital Fix...

Drop us an email at telling us a bit about you along with a sample news item or feature and we'll take a look.

We're looking forward to hearing from you...

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