We're looking for YOU to write about comics, books, board games, or indeed ANYTHING

We're looking for YOU to write about comics, books, board games, or indeed ANYTHING

Life @ The Digital Fix is our area where anything goes - we already write about comedy, theatre, beer with occasional forays into other realms but we want to cover more and we need YOUR help. We want you to find your own little niche and be our specialist - using your cunning and the site's reputation you can seek out things to write about from the latest news to reviews of the best new things.

We're open to hear from anyone about the subject they'd like to write about. It could be something seemingly inconsequential through to something you have a real bee in your bonnet about - politics, activism, your love for Lil Sebastian or you favourite snacks.

We'd love people to write news about comics and review them; same with the latest tabletop games or books. There is no limit other than your imagination.

Unfortunately we don't have a budget for regular reviewers and news writers but we do occasionally offer paid opportunities for features and existing writers get preference.

We're a proven route into full time work - many of our writers have either gone onto full time or paid journalism directly through the experience they've gained with us, others are now involved heavily in the film production industry and also in PR. We're happy to provide references for our writers who want to move on - in fact we actively encourage them to spread their wings and use The Digital Fix as a stepping stone to achieve their career dreams.

If you're interested in joining our voluntary team, drop us an email at info@thedigitalfix.com and tell us a little bit about you and where you see yourself fitting in on the site. We'll then arrange with you an audition article so we can get a feel for your writing and whether it would be a good fit for the team and then hopefully we'll bring you on board.

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