Is the Acer Tab 10 the Google-powered tablet to usher in a new era?

The newly announced Acer Tab 10 is the world's first Chrome OS powered tablet. While there are touch screen Chromebooks in the wild, this is the first time that the OS has appeared on a totally keyboard-free device.

The other huge selling point is that the tablet brings with it stylus support with a Wacom branded power-free pointy stick included with the tablet as standard.

Chrome OS now supports the full Android Play suite giving full access to Android apps, so this device is probably the first really solid attempt at merging the laptop/tablet form factors in a way that works in every respect. Add on a Bluetooth keyboard and you've effectively got the perfect all-round solution.

The Acer Tab 10 will be a huge hit in classrooms where Chrome OS is currently finding a good market and a tablet with stylus brings a portability that's perfect for the learning environment. It'll be going head to head with the new Apple iPad which expected to come in a little under the Acer Tab 10's $329 retail price; however while Apple's device does support the Apple Pencil you have to spend an additional $99 to actually own one.

The Acer Tab 10 will feature a 2048 x 1536 9.7 inch screen - which puts it in direct competition with the iPad's identically specced display. It also comes with 32GB on board storage with the option to add more via SD cards. Topping off the impressive specs is 4GB RAM and the ultra-fast OP1 processor. In terms of connectivity, the tablet offers a USB-C port and headphone socket.

Acer expect the device to hit the market in April in the US with a UK and Worldwide release following in May.

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