Introducing inLinx – a new social network

It takes bravery to go up against Facebook and Twitter in the social network stake, but new network on the block, inLinx, hopes to do exactly that while putting security and privacy at the front of it offering.

The network is scheduled to launch on 13th March at an event in London but we have a breakdown of what will set the network apart from the rest…

InLinx – Top Features

Social media is right at the heart of our lives in the modern age. On average, 3.196 billion people actively use social media, nearly half of the global population! With our lives becoming increasingly present on the digital space and our willingness, the presence social media has on a global scale is unprecedented. Enter inLinx. The latest trend in social media networking, the platform intends to bring friends and families closer together. In an age where privacy concerns and social divides are greater than ever, inLinx might be the breath of fresh air we all need. Let’s take a further look at how the platform operates and how it puts the user back in control.

Breaking Down the Language Barrier

Since the age of the internet, the world has become a much smaller place. Never before has it been so easy to communicate with people from all four corners of the planet and whilst connectivity is simple, language barriers are not. Arguably one of the brightest sparks to inLinx’s mission statement is that it strives to offer a platform for everybody, regardless of where you are from. As of launch the platform is available in over 50 languages, and with plans to double that within a year, it’s clear the platform is striving for global connectivity, and that’s surely a good thing right?

Putting the User in Control

Privacy is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Reports about breaches of personal data have become more of a recurring theme throughout the year and inLinx recognises how crucial privacy is to the user. Aligned with GDPR compliance and utilising technology to ensure your data doesn’t appear on Google or other search engines, the platform puts privacy of its users at the core of its operations and this extends far beyond the concerns of marketing companies getting hold of your information. From the settings menu, the user has full control of their privacy and what your connections, or Linx, can access. Having the ability to hide everything from who can see or post on your profile to even hiding the platform’s main tabs (just in case you have a nosy neighbour peering over your shoulder) is a nice touch and demonstrates the the platform is putting the user in the driving seat.

Treat As You Would In Real Life

Almost an extension of what we just discussed, perhaps the biggest aspect to inLinx’s drive to keep control with the user is the ‘Treat As’ function. The network’s unique selling point, or USP if you will, Treat As’ revolutionary method of enabling the user to dictate who sees what on your feed is remarkably clever. Basically, the function intends to replicate how we treat people in real life and on inLinx, utilising a series of families (groups for specific circles of friends and family), the ‘Treat As’ function enables you to dictate who can see your information. For example, when you receive a Linx request from an existing family member and you accept it, you will be asked to choose to treat them as a Familyor as a Linx. So, if you choose to treat them as Familythey will only be able to view information or contents shared only with that particular Family. If you treat them as a Linx, they can view the contents shared both with the Family and the Linx. All of this works under the radar and the person reaching out to connect with you will never see how you treat them, ensuring that you have full control of your family, friends and colleagues. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the your boss won’t see your holiday snaps!

A Global Appeal

We’ve mentioned several times across this article that inLinx is striving to create a platform that can be enjoyed and accessed on a global scale. Whilst several features certainly will appeal to those with concerns surrounding privacy and it’s language accessibility opens the platform to a whole host of different cultures, inLinx really pushes the boat out to be a global platform. Thanks to simplistic design, settings can be customised based on cultural preferences. For example, certain countries won’t allow dating websites, inLix more than takes this on board and thanks to its customisable nature, this setting can be blocked, ensuring that the platform can be accessed across the globe.

With a ground-breaking approach to its customisation and a clear motive to put the user in control of their feeds, inLinx might just be the new home you never knew you wanted.

Check out the inLinx website here.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

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