Indie Focus - Reluctant Romantic Poetry, Jemma Johnson and Mind The Maker

Indie Focus - Reluctant Romantic Poetry, Jemma Johnson and Mind The Maker

Indie Focus is a new semi-regular column where we highlight one or more of our favourite online creators. There are no rules other than they have to be working independently and not part of a large company/group and they must be sharing their work online so you can devour it RIGHT NOW! If you'd like to be featured drop us an email at and tell us a little about you, your project and your passions...

Jemma Johnson - creating new music on Patreon

We make no secret that we think Jemma Johnson is one of our favourite people - entirely because she's an amazing singer-songwriter who hasn't had nearly the level of recognition as she should. She has now made the jump into making music her career and has launched her own Patreon that will allow her patrons to get access to her new music and far, far more before anyone else.

Not only that, you'll get a great insight into how she works and creates music and free downloads of every new cover she releases. On the highest tier of her Patreon she even offers her own 'Sing Me To Sleep' Podcast! Jemma is brilliantly talented and one of the friendliest people we've had the pleasure to become acquainted with and she deserves every success.

You can become one of her Patrons here.

Garry Jones - posting videos on furniture restoration on YouTube

Mind The Maker is Garry's fantastic YouTube channel is something of a joy to watch. A mix of building new items and restoring old ones, Garry takes the time to detail how he achieves his aims - from designs to the paints that he needs to use.

Garry's presentation is engaging too - he clearly orates his thoughts and plans and the end results every time are brilliant. Mind The Maker is an inspiring watch and was enough to convince even me, a DIY disaster, that I could do something similar.

His channel has been a little quiet of late but we really hope that Garry returns soon with more brilliant projects to share with us.

Reluctant Romantic Poetry - poetry with a focus on love and romance

We've always been a fan of Elly Jones' writing - to the point that we asked her to join the team on TDF a while back. While she no longer writes for the site her current project is the wonderful Reluctant Romantic poetry account over on Instagram which is packed with some of the most beautifully written poetry we've seen.

The account itself is peppered with both spoken and written word verses along with the occasional insight into the author's life.Her work is an intoxicating blend of delicate prose mixed with the most enticing of thoughts and it works so well. We've been watching Elly's development over the past year as her writing and poetry skills mature and she's become one of the must follow accounts on the photo sharing site.

You can follow Reluctant Romantic Poetry here.

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