Iceland’s new ready-made scrambled eggs – we need to stop mocking accessible food

Disappointing coverage of something that makes the lives of some people a little bit easier

Over the weekend we saw loads of articles online over Iceland’s new pre-made frozen scrambled egg. Almost all of them mocking the product () for being aimed at those who can’t be bothered to crack open a few eggs and make their own – great fun until you consider that things like this make foods more widely available to those who are unable do these tasks we take for granted.

Disabled people often rely on these products that are aimed at convenience to actually have access to foods that they usually would struggle with. Much like the pre-peeled oranges that were the centre of lots of ire earlier in the year, this pre-made scrambled egg makes life that little bit easier for those with problems with their arms, wrists and hands.

Disappointingly Iceland have chosen to mock their own product as part of their PR campaign – this could have been a great opportunity for them to put forward an inclusive argument through their marketing.

While encouraging people to make fresh food from fresh goods is all well and good, recognising why products such as this one have their benefits for groups which are already marginalised should be at the forefront of reporting and instead of instantly mocking those who might choose to buy some ready made food over having to make it from scratch is both condescending and dismissive.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

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