How to watch the banned Iceland Christmas TV ad

Banned for being 'too political', the christmas ad that Iceland was planning to run fell foul of regulators who felt it breached broadcasting regulations. But you can watch the full thing above.

The advert was created by Greenpeace to highlight the damage being done to the rainforest in the quest for palm oil and its implications for the orangutans that live within. Iceland are the first supermarket to pledge to stop using rainforest sourced palm oil in its own brand products.

“This was a film that Greenpeace made with a voice over by Emma Thompson,” said Iceland’s founder, Malcolm Walker. “We got permission to use it and take off the Greenpeace logo and use it as the Iceland Christmas ad. It would have blown the John Lewis ad out of the window. It was so emotional.”

At a time when doctored video is being shared by the White House and UK politicians are consistently and provably lying on flagship TV programmes, it seems odd for an ad that is shining a light on a real problem that needs to be tacked worldwide is banned while no action is being taken against people who are actively working to make our lives worse.

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