Norwich bus driver refuses to drive bus because it "promotes homesexuality"

Norwich bus driver refuses to drive bus because it

Twitter user Becca Sears was shocked to discover that her bus was delayed because the driver refused to drive it and waited for a replacement because it "promotes homosexuality" because the bus number was multicoloured.

Posting on Twitter Becca went on to say that she reported the issue to the staff at the station and they were were aware of which driver was responsible.

It took another FOUR days for the company to respond to Becca Sears complaint on social media posting the following statement across two tweets:

Go East Anglia prides itself on values that support diversity and inclusion and has been a champion of Norwich Pride since 2017. We particularly want all customers of whatever background or sexual orientation to feel comfortable on our services.

As a company we do not condone any behaviour from our drivers that does not support this view. The driver involved in this incident has been suspended and a full investigation is underway.

There are a number of questions left dangling by this reply - how was the driver given access to another bus if this was their reason for causing a delay and why has it taken the company this long to respond officially to Becca's complaint?

Image credit: Elliott Brown under Creative Commons 2.0

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