Gtech share new ventilator design with government

Gtech share new ventilator design with government

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Gtech have announced that they have submitted designs for a new, easy to build, ventilator to the UK government and NHS in the hope that the designs can be used to rapidly build enough of the devices to help our health service overcome shortages in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The ventilators have been developed using mostly off-the-shelf parts and according to the company, could be produced by almost any engineering company at minimal cost. They believe they'll be in a position to build 100 of the units per day once they have arranged access to a steel fabrication and CNC companies who are willing to make a few of the parts.

Other than staffing levels, ventilators are likely to be the biggest restriction to being able to treat the number of expected patients that need ICU care in the coming weeks as the country, and world, deals with the pandemic. The quick development of this possible solution gives some hope that we will have what is needed to save as many lives as possible.

Read more about Gtech's proposed ventilator on their website.

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