The Digital Fix operates a joint copyright policy. Poisonous Monkey Ltd retains ownership of the copyright of all content on the The Digital Fix. Poisonous Monkey Limited is granted the exclusive right to publish the content on The Digital Fix in perpetuity. Poisonous Monkey Limited has limited rights to only use the content on the website and any directly related derivative works excluding printed publications unless otherwise agreed on an article-by-article basis. Site photographers are free to reuse their images as they see fit and the above limitations only apply to editorial content including the written word and specifically commissioned video and audio recordings.

Unless covered by an alternative agreement, no third party may use any article, image, video, audio or original content from this site without the express WRITTEN permission of the author and Poisonous Monkey Ltd.

Content authors have the right to republish their content on their own websites or works at any time, however content must not be submitted by the author to competing publications or web sites, unless specifically agreed by Poisonous Monkey Ltd.

If you have received materials or access from The Digital Fix, such as review copies or to film screenings or gigs it is for the creation of content solely for The Digital Fix and should never be used to provide content for another site. All review copies sent remain the property of The Digital Fix OR the agency that provided the content and could be recalled at any time. It should not be resold, copied or transmitted to any individual other than those agreed to by The Digital Fix administrators.

All content submitted to the site may be edited by section editors to correct spelling/grammar issues or to provide clarity. However, no material changes to content will be applied upon publication without discussion with the author of the content.


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