The second official Firefly novel – The Magnificent Nine – is on its way

Jayne has a daughter…

Titan Books have announced the upcoming release of Firefly: The Magnificent Nine; the second official novel based on Joss Whedon’s short lived TV series and film.

Jayne’s ex, Temperance McCloud, gets in touch begging for help. She lives on a desert moon where bandits are trying to gain control of her town’s water supply. Jayne persuades the Serenity crew to go there, but on arrival they discover two things: outlaws with a fanatical devotion to their leader who will stop at nothing to get to the water, and that Temperance has a daughter born less than a year after she and Jayne broke up called Jane McCloud…

Written by James Lovegrove, The Magnificent Nine looks to be a must buy for fans of the series. It will be released on 19th March in hardback at a retail price of £16.99.

James Lovegrove is the New York Times bestselling author of The Age of Odin. He was short-listed for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1998 and for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 2004, and also reviews fiction for the Financial Times. He is the author of Firefly: Big Damn Hero with Nancy Holder and Firefly: The Magnificent Nine, and several Sherlock Holmes novels from Titan Books.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

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