Firefly is coming back... in novel form

While the hopes of a new series of Firefly seem pretty far fetched, we're glad to see that Joss Whedon's Sci-fi Western continues to find an audience in other media. Following on from 2005's Serenity and then the subsequent series of comics from Dark Horse that took the film's name we now have news that a series of novels are coming starting later this year.

The series will kick off with Nancy Holder's Firefly: Big Damn Hero in October 2018 which will see Serenity's captain Mal captured by a band of browncoats. That book will be followed by James Lovegrove's The Magnificent Nine next March and then Firefly: Generations by Tim Lebbon rounds off the initial trilogy next October.

The books will be published by Titan Books and Joss Whedon is involved as 'consulting editor'.

Firefly was a cult hit despite cancellation by Fox before the end of it's first series. It was thrown a lifeline when Universal picked up film rights and produced Serenity but despite critical acclaim and being a hit with fans it didn't crack the wider audience needed to bring about further TV or film outings. Where the three announced books sith within the established timeline is currently unclear.

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