Crusader Kings, Cities Skylines and Europa Universalis coming to a board game near you!

Computer strategy game developer, Paradox, have announced tabletop board game versions of four of their biggest franchises! They are creating analogue versions of Crusader KingsCities Skylines, Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron bringing some of the best strategy games to a whole new group of players.

The first game to be produced will be the Crusader Kings board game, designed and published in cooperation with Free League Publishing, developers of the award-winning tabletop roleplaying games Mutant Year Zero and Tales from the Loop RPG. Players will compete in Crusader Kings for military, religious, and political power while keeping their personal dynasty strong, using cards and miniatures to experience the iconic medieval intrigue of Paradox’s long-running PC franchise. The Crusader Kings board game is available to back on Kickstarter and has already been fully funded on the day the Kickstarter launched!

We don't have timescales for the other three games, but given the huge uptake for Crusader Kings we really don't expect them to take long!

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