Could the next Chromecast Ultra feature a remote control?

Could the next Chromecast Ultra feature a remote control?

Google's Chromecast dongles are both one the best developments in media streaming and the most frustrating - they work perfectly as devices to stream all of the main online services but their reliance on mobile devices or voice commands (via smart home devices) make them less than friendly to people who just want a nice smart interface to browse with a simple remote control.

The news then that a new remote control has been submitted for certification by Google alongside rumours that the 4K UHD Chromecast Ultra is set for a refresh in the coming months offers us some tantalising hope that the Chromecast could be about to become even more brilliant.

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If Google are able to create a full Chromecast device with an Android TV interface on top (as in the NVidia Shield) then it could be a new standard bearer for online streaming devices.

The Chromecast Ultra is well overdue an update and a new device is bound to arrive soon - especially as Google's Stadia continues to ramp up with new gaming announcements.

While Google's I/O event has been cancelled - and we would have expected the new device to debut at that if it is coming this year - there's still a good chance that Google will press ahead with a release in the coming months anyway.

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