Blue Peter DIDN'T get ZERO viewers (or one person's anger over the continual posting of lies as truth)

Yesterday, the BBC, had to take to social media to shoot down claims that long running kids TV series,  Blue Peter, broadcast an episode with ZERO viewers. The false story was widely reported across multiple outlets - major news organisations from all ends of the spectrum, major music(!) websites right down the tree to the identikit blogs that make up the vast amount of internet content noise.

The internet's biggest content shitheap, Mail Online, bleated Is Blue Peter sunk? Children's show once watched by millions had NO viewers for an episode while the anti-Mail, The Guardian, went with the equally alarmist Blue Peter has hit the rocks. It's time for the BBC to sink it. Even NME went with (admittedly pretty workmanlike headline of) ‘Blue Peter’ episode attracts zero viewers because a kids TV show is totally NME's target market.

Following the hundred or so different news items on the same subject, the BBC's press office responded in the only way they could - with the actual facts.

Almost none of the sites that reported the original fallacy will go back and correct their news items - the untruths are out there and won't go away. The same old thing can be seen repeated time and time again - from the smallest glimmer of truth the internet goes wild adding layer upon layer of speculation, turning the smallest speck of dust into something that snowballs. Facts mean nothing in the world of fake news and the same thing happens across the whole spectrum of press.

Truths become lost amongst the sea of repeated stories, all saying the same thing, as a million sites scrabble to attract the same people. Yet this seems to work - sites have huge social followings from this kind of "news". How many times have we seen stories that are completely unresearched published by reputable organisations which then get cited countless times as the story goes viral despite there being no truth at the core.

Very few sites take the time to confirm or clarify or even QUESTION things before they publish them and even when they're called out on it, or given corrections, they refuse to update or correct as the original lie is worth more in clicks than replacing it with the truth.

We're now entering prime clickbait territory with the speculation over who will be the next Doctor Who - so expect to see hundreds of news items suggesting every living actor and actress  over the coming months. Then there's the ongoing Star Wars shit posting of articles that tell us 'everything we need to know' and speculation over titles and behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Some may end up to be true, but more will end up to be completely false.

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