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iPhone 12 Pro

$999 for the iPhone 12 Pro, $1099 for iPhone 12 Pro Max

7:00pm - LiDAR scanner

We were expecting this...

LiDAR captures time that light travels between the phone and an object - helps with AR and depth detection. LiDAR can see in the dark to help with focusing in low-light scenes and means focusing is much faster.

6x faster focus times.

Improved depth in night mode.

6:45pm - iPhone 12 Pro

Precision built back glass. Does look lovely in the four colours - graphite, white, gold and pacific blue.

IP68 water resistance - 6m for 30 minutes.

Fully compatible with Magsafe for iPhone accessories.

6.1 inch display for the smaller, 6.7 inch for the iPhone Pro 12 Max.

3.5 million pixels.

Adds a 12MP telephoto camera - 65mm focal length. Optical 2.5x zoom.

Wide camera features 1.6 aperture and 26mm focal length. 47% larger sensor.

Sensor-shift image stabilization - moves sensor rather than lens to account for vibration. 5000 micro-adjustments per second!

Images are captures on ALL four cameras at the same time. They have only covered three so far - so we assume the fourth is the unmentioned LiDAR sensor.

10-bit HDR heading to video. Also able to record Dolby Vision HDR which is massively impressive for a mobile phone - almost as good as a studio-quality camera in your pocket.

iPhone 12

$699 for the mini, $799 for the full sized iPhone 12...

Surprisingly decent value from Apple here.

6:42pm - iPhone 12 mini

5.4 inch display but smaller than iPhone 8.

Same features as iPhone 12. Smallest and lightest 5G phone in the world without any loss of functionality.

6:36pm - Wireless charging and Magsafe for iPhone.

Magsafe for iPhone makes wireless charging more efficient. 15w wireless charging enables fast charging without a cable.

There will be other magsafe accessories - including cases and a wallet. Belkin are working on a magsafe car mount.

6:33pm - The camera

12MP Ultra Wide

12MP Wide camera

Better low-light performance. Uses Machine Learning abilities of the A14 to improve image quality and handle complex light situations. The updated night mode looks impressive and now works on the Ultra Wide and Selfie camera too...

Larger aperture makes video better too - adding night mode timelapse too. The video capturing AND editing abilities look might impressive.

6:30pm - League of Legends is coming to iPhone

Apple are making a big thing about the launch of League of Legends: Wild Rift which is heading to the iPhone 12. May help make up for the lack of Fortnite and Epic games in the future eh?

6:28pm - A14 chip in the iPhone 12

The A14 is the first smartphone chip build on 5nm technology. Fastest CPU in a smartphone. Has a much better GPU too.

Uses Machine Learning to increase the performance of the Neural Engine - making it capable of 11 trillion operations per second.

6:13pm - iPhone 12

This is the thing we're really all here for...

iPhone 11 is the most popular smartphone in the world according to Apple

5G is coming to iPhone... Won't be one for the conspiracy theorists out there then ;)

Here we go - our first look at the iPhone 12...

Features aluminium frame, smaller form factor, 5G means new antenna that goes around the frame.

Comes in black, white, red, green and blue.

6.1 inch display but smaller bezel mean smaller phone.

15% smaller and 16% lighter.

2 million to 1 contrast ratio on the OLED display. Twice the resolution of the iPhone 11 - 460ppi!

Supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG - so it's going to have the display specs to support all of the best 4K content.

Screen will be made of a new material called 'Ceramic Shield' that has been developed alongside Corning. It's apparently tougher than any other phone screen and is four times more resilient to drops.

Homepod Mini

6pm - Homepod Mini

Tonight's Apple Event kicked off just a few minutes ago and first up is the new Homepod Mini - Apple promising better audio than their competitors with their new Homepod.

They also are bigging up the Homepod mini's ability to sync multiple devices. We've seen similar in the Google Home/Nest devices and it allows for a consistent audio experience across a large area.

The device has a backlit panel on top that highlights when Siri is active and also provides haptic and visual feedback from your music.

Apple seem to be going all in on the Homepod mini and Siri's smart home possibilities. Currently they seem to be taking credit for 'inventing' intercom. They're integrating intercom with their Apple Car systems too - so basically their one benefit over Google's broadcast functionality is that you can do it from your car? (which you can do with Google too via your phone).

HomePod mini will only cost $99 with pre-orders going live on 6th November, and hitting retail on 16th November...

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