7 Awesome Dungeons & Dragons Presents for the Players in Your Life

7 Awesome Dungeons & Dragons Presents for the Players in Your Life

Dungeons & Dragons has had a renaissance in the past few years, with more and more people playing the fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. So, we thought we would get together a list of some great gifts for this Holiday Season. All of the following can be found on Amazon via the links provided!

  1. Tasha’s cauldron of everything

Tasha’s is D&D’s latest book. It is a source book full of great options for character creation and game play. With some amazing subclasses, as well as the very fun group patron and sidekick mechanics, this book would be a great addition to anyone’s collection, be they a player or a DM. £33.40

  1. Core rule book set

This gift set brings together all three of the core rules books of Dungeons & Dragons' fifth edition, as well as the, beautifully designed, official DM’s screen. It may be a bit on the pricey side, but its the perfect gift for any budding DM who wants to make the leap into running their own campaigns! £89.99

  1. Starter Set

If you are just getting into D&D and are wanting to learn how to play the game then there are two main products that can help you with this. The first, and most simple, being the Starter Set. The set includes pre-made characters and an adventure that guides you through levels 1-5. A full set of polyhedral dice are also included. £18.61

  1. Essentials Kit

The other option for new players is the Essentials Kit. This Kit provides a more in-depth experience that the Starter Set. It contains everything you need to roll your own characters and run an adventure for 2-6 players. This number includes the Dungeon Master, so you could run session with 1-5 players and one DM. This box also contains a wider set of rules than the Starter Set, the sidekick mechanic, punch-out item cards, and a full polyhedral dice set with 3 extra D6s for rolling characters. This Kit works really well on it own or, together with the Starter Set. £19.69

  1. Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden 

This frosty entry into D&D 5e lore is a campaign book that allows you to run each chapter as its own discrete adventure, whilst also providing a larger overarching story for those who want to run a longer campaign. This book would be an amazing present for a budding DM or a group of newer players who are looking for something short a sweet, but is a bit more involved than the stories available in the Starter Set or Essentials Kit. Rime of the Frostmaiden also comes with a whole menagerie of cold weather monsters, which can be used with the books campaign or in homebrew. £28.75

  1. Wildemount

If you are a fan of Critical Role, or just looking for something from D&D that isn't set in The Forgotten Realms, then this is the book for you. It takes details the lore of the continent of Wildemount on Matthew Mercer's fantastical world of Exandria. It has a mix of information about the societies of Wildemount, character options, and a unique Wildemount bestiary. Wildemount is a little different from other source books offered by Dungeons & Dragons and provides a great alternative insight into the game from both a mechanics and roleplaying perspective. £27.42

  1. Wilderness Dungeon Masters screen

This stunning new DM screen has information on it specifically for adventuring in the wilderness. It also includes punch out cards for conditions, initiative and exhaustion, and a dry erase hexagonal map for tracking your travels. £24.80

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