5 Fun Dungeons & Dragons gifts for kids

5 Fun Dungeons & Dragons gifts for kids

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the greatest powerhouses of the TTRPG world, but it isn't always child friendly. You can make it appropriate for younger audiences by homebrewing the campaign and source books that are created by Wizards of the Coast, or by making a world of your own. Another way to do it is to buy one of these products that were specifically made with children in mind.

  1. Dungeon Mayhem

Dungeon Mayhem is a short card game suitable of anyone aged eight and over. This base pack comes with four different decks, each of which has it's own class. The game is a simple to learn, draw-a-card then play-a-card format where the objective is to reduce the opposing player(s) to 0 hit points before they do that to you. Rounds of the game should only take about 5-10 minutes and would be a great way to pass the time post Christmas Lunch!


  1. Dungeon Mayhem Monster Madness

Monster Madness can be bought as a stand alone product, as it comes with a copy of the Dungeon Mayhem Rulebook, but it can also be bought as an expansion for the base game that is detailed above. The box that Monster Madness comes in also acts as a storage box for all six decks in this set and the four decks that come with the base game. The main difference between the base game and Monster Madness is that, unlike the four base decks, each of the Monster Madness decks are for, well, monsters. The six zany monster characters can be seen in the picture below. So, whether you want to be a mind flayer with a PhD or a dapper dragon, this wonderful card game pack has you covered! £19.03

  1. Young Adventurer's collection

The bundle contains all four Young Adventurer's Guide volumes. Each of these books contains awe inspiring lore about the D&D universe. With beautiful illustrations, as can be found in any D&D book, these entries also offer insight on how to build your own characters, as well as information of the different types of PCs you can be and encounters you may come across. The books use flow charts, info cards, and short stories to give your kids the chance to learn what is waiting for them when they play their first game of D&D. Whether they decide to be a wizard or a fighter, this collection is a fun way for them to learn some of the problem solving skills and lore of the wider D&D universe.


  1. Dungeons & Dragons annual 2021

This marks Dungeons & Dragons' first ever annual! It is full of everything you would expect from an annual, fun lore, puzzles and in depth looks at integral parts of D&D. It also have pages dedicated to various types of D&D actual play content, from live streams to podcasts. Whilst this annual could be bought for any D&D fan, it is also both affordable and child friendly. Making it something fun to get a kid who is excited to get into D&D! £7.65

  1. Essentials kit

This Kit provides an in-depth gaming experience for those just starting out with Dungeons & Dragons. It contains everything you need to roll your own characters and run an adventure for 2-6 players. This number includes the Dungeon Master, so you could run session with 1-5 players. It also gives you all the tools and information you need to start up your own game or for your kid to start up theirs! £19.69

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