Turtle Beach i30 Bluetooth Headphones review

Turtle Beach have a reputation to be envied - and rightly so, their hardware is rarely less than excellent and in gaming circles they're rightly pack leaders. They're less well represented in the media space - mostly out of choice, but with the Apple targeted i30 we could be seeing signs of the company embracing a wider market.

Beautifully styled, these cans look gorgeous in the white that makes Apple's iDevices so pretty. They're comfortable to wear for extended period; heavy enough to suggest solid build quality yet light enough to ensure they don't cause the wearer any sort of fatigue. The i30 is available only directly from Apple themselves but they're not restricted to Cupertino's hardware - we've tested it on various laptops, tablets and phones and they all performed perfectly.

Connection can be achieved via both Bluetooth or a supplied cable ensuring connectivity across a wide range of devices that don't support the wireless format. There are no problems with either and connection via Bluetooth is painless and fast.
In terms of audio quality, the i30 can't be faulted. Even at the default settings everything is crisp and clear yet well rounded. There are bass and treble controls on the headset enabling you to tailor the audio to your preference and the bass in particular is weighty adding a real boom to whatever your listening to. Not only that, the i30 also features noise cancelling hardware ensuring that external sounds don't disturb and it works really well. There is also an airline adapter which allows you to connect the cans to an aircraft's entertainment system rather than using the frequently flaky ones supplied by most airlines.

There are buttons for volume, turning Bluetooth on/off, changing bass/treble boost, enabling mic, answering calls and voice morphing. You can also change tracks on iOS devices by double clicking the Bluetooth button. Our preference would have been to demote the voice morphing and use that button to handle tracks. The other issue is the button positioning makes it easy to accidentally hit them when adjusting headphone positions and the voice alerts mean that these accidents can cause a few seconds of lost audio - something that does become mildly annoying over time.

Despite stunning looks, the i30s size probably makes them impractical to use in public, but as a media headset aimed at users at HOME it's hard to fault. Turtle Beach claim a 10 hour battery life. We have used them for over 8 hours and no sign of needing a recharge yet.

All in all, we're hugely impressed with the i30 - we haven't been able to fault performance or functionality and we've given them a really good work out over the last few weeks. They may be pricey but quality rarely comes cheap.

You can buy the Turtle Beach i30 for £249.95 directly from Apple here...

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