The big Atari ET dump - confirmed

Thirty years ago, one game brought about the collapse of one of the pioneers of American video games - the game, ET, the company, Atari. Rumour had it that Atari had made a huge loss on the publication of the game - huge licencing costs and a poor adaptation coupled with very few sales meant that Atari was unable to to cope with the massive losses and lead to decimation of the video games industry in the early eighties. Rumour had it, thousands of copies of the game were dumped in landfill as Atari attempted to recover from their mistake.

However - it is rumour no more! A film crew, putting together a documentary on the debacle, gained permission to excavate the landfill in order to confirm once and for all the end result of this video game disaster and tonight the first evidence has been unearthed - after less than a day of digging!

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