Preview: 2000 AD #1887

2000 AD has never been afraid of making provocative comics – from the crazy satire of Judge Dredd to the politically-tinged Nemesis the Warlock and Bill Savage. But this week, writer John Smith is taking his dimension-hopping series Indigo Prime into whole new territory…

Indigo Prime are the engineers of the multiverse, their headquarters sitting in a dead zone at the heart of all that was, all that is, and all that could be. It’s their job to keep the cosmic clockwork ticking, cleaning up apocalypses, fixing broken dimensions, and stopping existence collapsing.

But in the shattering climax to the current story, A Perfect Day, they face something they could never have imagined – a dying Nazi travelling back in time to replace Jesus Christ with a dark Cthulhu deity who jettisons Christ’s crucified body into space and changes human history forever, splintering reality and ushering in two millennia of evil!

With incredible artwork from Lee Carter, this series has raised the bar for weirdness from a writer known for his flights of fancy – the first full-colour Indigo Prime strip, Killing Time, saw operatives Winwood and Cord pursuing Jack the Ripper on a time-travelling time.

Also in this issue of 2000 AD, current Judge Dredd strip Traumatown reaches a sticky conclusion, Grey Area continues and there's a new Time Twister in the shape of Burping Hitler! As Hitler's armies march across Europe - there are those in the future planning on stopping him!

2000 AD #1887 Cover

Prog 1887 is on sale now from all good stockists or as a DRM-free digital download from the 2000 AD webshop or from the iPad/iPhone app.

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