It's Free Comic Book Day!

Today is Free Comic Book Day, a day in celebration of all things comic, and one where your local comic book store will be giving away special editions of new and upcoming comics featuring some of your favourite characters.

2014 marks the thirteenth such day, and one that keeps on growing and growing in the UK with more comic book stores than ever taking part.

Of course, you cannot simply walk into a participating comic store and take any comic that you want, rather comic creators are supplying special editions of some famous characters for you to take home with you. Do be aware that some comic book stores may restrict titles that are available to provide something for everyone. You are advised to arrive early if there’s a specific title you’re expecting to bag.

Some stores will also be running cosplay events and actively encourage you to dress up as your favourite character, so do join in and have fun. But more importantly, support your independent comic book store and perhaps buy a trade, or pick up a few comics whilst you’re there.

Ranging from childrens comics through to one-shot stories, there is something for everyone. A special 2000AD anthology is one of the most hotly sought after titles of today with stories and art from Pat Mills, Dave Gibbons and Alan Grant amongst others with Dredd, Slaine and Durham Red stories and a few surprises. And if you’re in London, get down to Forbidden Planet’s massive signing.

For Marvel fans, Brian Michael Bendis pens a new death-defying epic adding Venom and Captain Marvel to the Guardians of the Galaxy whilst a special issue of Bleeding Cool celebrates the art of comic collecting and box-office smash Amazing Spider-Man 2.

If DC’s more your thing, then their offering is a prequel to their major summer event Future’s End with Batman travelling back from the future to prevent a disaster. Kids meanwhile might enjoy Don Rosa’s take on Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck as they get involved in A Matter of Some Gravity.

Meanwhile if you’ve not tried Kieron Gillen’s superb alt-history super soldier story Uber, The First Cycle will bring you up to speed with the first two story arcs and whet your appetite for the highly anticipated upcoming series.

For a further run down of the titles in the 2014 Free Comic Book Day pop over to Bleeding Cool And to take part, you can find your nearest store taking part by clicking on this link (you may need to select for stores outside of North America though).

Enjoy and don't forget to Tweet your freebies with #fcbd2014!


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