Podcast Podium: Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast

We need some positivity right now.

Paul McKenna is a hypnotist, so going into his new “positivity” podcast you could be forgiven for being a little wary. Is it going to brainwash you into happiness? Convince you to rob a bank? Or peddle some kind of odd spiritual mission?

Thankfully Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast is actually a really engaging and interesting talk show. In each episode he interviews an important figure in a range of industries, and talks to them about their experiences and passions. Past hosts include Simon Cowell, Gary Lineker and Paul Oakenfold.

The reason Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast is so interesting is that it gets behind the scenes of how these guests do their jobs. McKenna asks insightful and thought-provoking questions, and brings out some interesting perspectives on various jobs. Talk shows can be very hit or miss but thankfully McKenna is a great host, and he maintains a perfect dynamic throughout.

Topics that are discussed includes guests’ rises to success and their experience in their field, but also interesting questions that shine a light on all the different aspects of their roles. For example when interviewing Oakenfold (a music producer) McKenna asks how Oakenfold chooses to remix a song. This is the kind of question that really brings out the craft in Oakenfold’s role, and is something most people would be really fascinated to hear.

The podcast is rather strangely named however, as positivity doesn’t seem to be a very important theme. Perhaps the guests’ stories can inspire listeners to stay positive in their own endeavours, but the title suggests the podcast will be some motivational spiel which thankfully isn’t the case. Don’t go in expecting to find enlightenment, or a guide to being happy.

Listen to Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast for a slice of life of various important figures, in order to understand all the work these big names put in to their lives and profiles. Maybe it’ll even help you with your career too!
Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast is produced by Paul McKenna Productions. Five episodes have aired since  7 January, and a new episode is released every Monday..

Tom Bedford

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

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