"Pig farming. Welding on pipelines in northern Canada. Abattoir. Lots." Idle chit-chat with Tony Law

Hey Tony, how the devil are you?

Super well 70% of the time.

What have you been up to today?

Took my child to hospital for an operation then drove to Warwickshire and back, helping out my mother in law by checking on her many animals and feed and water them. Then a gig.

Describe your comedy style.

I really can’t. I’ll try. I think it’s clown. Funny. Art-unpredictable. Shambolic. Absurd. Poor stand-up technique.

Tell us about your show for the Edinburgh Fringe, A Lost Show, in two sentences?

The medium is the message. I will heal you with absurdity so you can better take on a complicated and stupid world.  

You’re off to the Fringe soon, how many times have you been, and what’s your best memory?

Maybe 13 or 14 times? I have very few real memories. I think.  

You’re described as a “cult favourite” in your press release, what does that mean?

It means I’m so very very very good that only people already funny in their own right like me.  

What’s your best shadow puppet?

Sogdian trader. What a good question. I like you.

And accents, I can do a passable Scouse accent, what are you most fluent in?

Barnsley.  Trinidadian. I used to do a bang on Belfast. But I’ve let it wither.

If you could choose, what would you actually want to be known for?

I was a good dad and husband. Work-wise? Keeping my comedy fresh. Trying different ways to get laughs. All while being very kind.  

You’ve done a bit of the old telly, what’s your favourite TV or radio show to do?

Never got a crack at radio yet cause I’m so handsome. But Miles Jupp is a  favourite so I would like to go on that show with him.

TV = Have I Got News For You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Two panel shows where you actually just make it up and the actual funny people shine. Rather than those with a team of writers.

And which is the hardest work?

Pig farming. Welding on pipelines in northern Canada. Abattoir. Lots. I’d say front-line soldiering would be the worst. I bow to them. Is that how you spell kneel?

You’re on Twitter a fair amount, but the question is, social media… bringing people closer together or destroying civilisation?


When was the last time you heard a joke or anecdote that was genuinely funny? And where were you?

My daughter nearly every day is funny. I can’t really define jokes as such. But with really funny people they just are. I will always aspire to that. Jokes? Short, uniform, technical little rule-based things are for anyone. The writer of it is creative especially working within the specifications and rules. But anyone can tell them. So. The line is grey.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve gigged?

Hmmmm. Nowhere very truly weird. The tube? Not weird just hard. Uhmmm British museum? Clothes shop? Nope. Nowhere weird.

You’ve won some awards, where do you keep them?

When I was strung out and drinking for months on end I looked at them one day and felt so disgusted with myself and ashamed as a father and husband that I threw them out the window. And for good measure put them in separate skips. 6 different skips.  I’m sad about that. But on the plus side it was the first step towards stopping the addiction and alcoholism.

Which of the classic comedians are you closest to in style?

Little bit of Python. Phil Nichol. Bit of Harry Hill. Noel Fielding. Simon Munnery. Sean Locke. Stewart Lee. The Day Today. Anchorman.

They have all probably........ Steve Martin, Bill Murray ....,

Dan Aykroyd. Letterkenny is like my childhood.

What other comedian is worth checking out?

Anyone with weirdos attached to their name. Loads. Never been better. So many great alternative surreal and silly comics out there. I won’t say any beyond three because I hate missing out: Adam Larter, Matthew Highton, Elf Lyons, erm, Helen Duff too. Loads. Ali Brice.


What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

What are you trying to achieve?

Finally, how do you take your coffee?

Black, four scoops. My nervous system has collapsed. Makes me a safe driver under pressure.

Catch Tony's Edinburgh Fringe show 'A Lost Show', at Monkey Barrel Comedy Club 2nd to 26th August at 3pm. Tickets from the Fringe website.

To find out more about Tony you can visit his website, be amused by him on Twitter, or like him on Facebook.

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