Most Anticipated Big Finish Releases for the Rest of 2019

So far this year has seen a number of high-quality releases from Big Finish, including the likes of Torchwood – God Among Us, The Tenth Doctor Adventures, and recent anniversary release The Legacy of Time. Across the remaining five months of 2019, many new releases lie in wait – let’s look at five of the most highly anticipated Big Finish releases for the rest of the year.

August: The Time War 3

The Doctor’s exploits in the expansive Time War are one of the most event-piece ranges produced by Big Finish, and for good reason. The second series was “dramatic [and] superb”, and the third instalment promises to be no less engrossing, delving into companion Bliss’ complicated timeline and even introducing a Time War version of the evil ‘lost’ incarnation of the Doctor known as the Valeyard. What more could you want?

September: Rose Tyler – The Dimension Cannon

September is a touch decision considering the high calibre of eight different releases, but Rose Tyler’s solo foray gets the nod this time. One of the smartest decisions made by showrunner Russell T Davies in 2005 was injecting a cult science fiction show with verisimilitude of character and human drama, and Rose and her family were the cog that made the whole machine click into place. The Dimension Cannon has the potential to be a real highlight of 2019 if it stays true to those roots.

October: Doctor Who – Ravenous 4

The Ravenous series “continues to get better and better”. Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor is always a highlight (so much so he gets a second entry on this list!), and Liv and Helen are two of the most well-drawn companions. Combined with appearances from four incarnations of the Master – not to mention the culmination of the Ravenous story – the stage is set for a huge final showdown that should not disappoint.

November: Doctor Who – Daughter of the Gods

One of two Early Adventures released in November, Daughter of the Gods features a multi-Doctor pairing so far mostly unexplored – namely of the First and Second. The Early Adventures range excels at capturing the feel of a past era. With this two-hour story also featuring the return of one-off (and short-lived) companion Katarina – not to mention 1960s Daleks – prepare for a mix of nostalgia and old-fashioned scares with a twist.

December: The War Master – Anti-Genesis

Following the “resounding success” of the three previous volumes, Anti-Genesis promises to bring the year to a thunderous close. This fourth volume sounds like it will be extremely dark in tone as it once more pits the Master against the Daleks in the Time War. Derek Jacobi’s Master has been highly praised, and one hopes that this release will not constitute his final appearance.

Honourable Mention: The Prisoner Volume 3 (November)

An honourable mention goes to the third (and possibly final) volume of Big Finish’s adaptation of The Prisoner, which is currently scheduled for November. Doctor Who dominates Big Finish’s release schedule, but this separate range stands out, boasting a charismatic lead and engaging themes. Although already delayed multiple times, The Prisoner Volume 3 has the potential to be a big hit when finally released – here’s hoping.


Updated: Aug 22, 2019

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