MCM London Comic Con 2019

TDF freelancer Lloyd Coombes and myself were fortunate enough to check out this year’s London Comic Con. MCM London Comic Con was my first Comic Con and I was going in with such provocation from all I had heard; the panels, the guests, the merchandise and the fantastic costumes. The vast array of entertainment and brands meant there was something for everyone and what I found so beautifully appeasing about the experience was the atmosphere – everyone so passionate about the genre all in one place. Walking in I was like a little kid entering the world’s biggest toy store for the first time – with no idea where to go first. 

First up myself and Lloyd found our way to the Marvel Legends panel where Dan Yun from the Marvel brand team took to the stage to announce some new and upcoming figures to the Marvel Legends line. Being Marvel Comics 80th birthday, the inspiration behind this line of figures was driven from some of the most popular Marvel comics to date as well as the MCU. Some of the highlights included a ‘Vintage Series Hulk’ and exclusively released in the UK first; A Ripped Shirt Incredible Hulk (Grey) and Katana Deadpool. Fans can expect to see releases from the X-Force characters, Canada’s Alpha Flight and the Fantastic Four family with a very cool ‘Super Skrull BuildAFigure’ which allows the Super Skrull model to wield the weaponised parts of the FF models – a true incentive to complete the set. 

Looking ahead to 2020 there is the previously mentioned FF series due for release and Spymaster but most impressively is a commemorative Stan Lee holding Captain America’s shield with Stan’s signature across it – a truly special addition to any collection. 

Here are my highlights from this year’s Comic Con London; 

Meeting my childhood hero: Jason David Frank AKA Tommy Oliver (MMPR)

Jason David Frank, aged 46, is best known for his role as Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers franchise. If you were a kid in the 90’s then you simply must know who he is and for me, his role as the Green Ranger and the White Ranger in particular were my favourite action heroes. So after struggling to contain my excitement and refraining from yelling ‘It’s Morphin’ Time!’ as i approached – I finally got to meet him 25 years on from he first bore the Green Ranger mantle. When asked who would win in a fight between the Green and White Ranger he simply replied “Me”. Kudos JDF, Kudos.

POP! Galore – Everywhere you look was POP!

When it comes to collectables both myself and Lloyd are so incredibly weak and cave in to completing any set – so POP!’s are particular dangerous our wallets. MCM London Comic Con was filled with thousands of figures spread across many, many stalls – not to mention the huge FUNKO stand with a queue to enter and limited 2x POP!s per customer. What made this different to any typical retail store, besides the volume, was the variety; the limited editions and the rare collectables. I picked up a MMPR Megazord; Lord Zedd and a Tommy Oliver but could have easily gone through with more of the countless items I saw. What was interesting was the spiked price of the Tommy Oliver in most stalls because MMPR fans were in search of picking him up for the famed actor to sign – my advice; buy it before the event.

Cosplay: Some incredibly well designed and thought out handcrafted cosplay outfits added to the awesome atmosphere

A large majority of attendees dress up as their favourite characters from their favourite franchises and the level of detail is jaw-dropping. It’s an extra attraction to the day all by itself – stopping as a Marcus Fenix or Lara Croft casually stroll by. Most cosplay-goers buy-in to their character and will stop for photos – whether that’s because you are a fan or because you simply want to remember how awesome their costume is. I was most impressed by a Jak costume from popular Naughty Dog franchise ‘Jak N Daxter’ – it was so detailed and even had a little Daxter (hand-made) on his shoulder!

Exciting sneak peeks at some upcoming titles

There were big appearances from the likes of Sony and Bandai Namco; the latter showing off exclusive footage of the highly anticipated 2020 release Cyberpunk 2077 and a demo for the latest Dragonball Z entry “Kakarot” – slated for a January 2020 release. Amongst the others to see were Call of Duty, Iron Man VR, Predator: Hunting Grounds, Yu-gi-oh and most popularly – Final Fantasy VII remastered. Fans were even able to hold a to-scale Buster Sword weighing in at 7kg. 

And finally… Myself and Lloyd being Power Rangers: No words needed.

If you think you’d enjoy any of what we experienced or want to venture into an amazing weekend of your favourite TV Shows; Films; Video Games; Comics and much more with the most passionate fans in the world then check out the next MCM London Comic Con – coming 24th-26th July 2020.

Daniel Davies

Updated: Nov 06, 2019

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