Looking Ahead At Marvel's Civil War

Warning: There may be spoilers and anyone who wants to go in cold, may wish to avoid reading further.

Marvel's Civil War is due to be adapted for the big screen and will officially kick off Marvel's Phase Three of superhero films. The story revolves around the US government installing the Superhero Registration Act, whereby anyone who has superpowers must be under their regulation.

This sets up two camps, one opposed to the act, led by Captain America and one who supports it, led by Iron Man. Friendships and loyalties are tested, while Spider-Man gets caught in the middle and is used as a pawn to gain public support. Oh, and Captain America is assassinated.

In terms of what to expect, Marvel have a habit of altering their stories for the big screen. This is partly due not having the rights to all of the characters that appear in their comic books, but also in part, one presumes, to keep things fresh and not directly copy the source material.

It is safe to say though that more than a few attributes of the comic book storyline will appear in the film. Let's look at the possibilities.

The Why

In the comic book, a group of young heroes named The New Warriors cause an explosion in Stamford, Connecticut. This explosion was the result of The New Warriors attempting to gain more viewers for their reality TV show. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan and the resulting explosion kills several hundred people as well as 60 students at a nearby school. After a strong public backlash, the consequence of this is the introduction of the Superhero Registration Act, meaning all superheroes in the USA must sign a legislation declaring themselves to the government.

In Captain America: Civil War it appears that the Sokovia Accord, which we see in the trailer is brought to the Avengers' attention by General Ross. It seem that the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron were the final straw in what has been a prolonged series of events where collateral damage has been extremely high. In the film, as in the comic, Captain America and Iron Man take opposing sides on the matter. This forces the hand of the other Avengers in choosing a side and prompting the tag line, who's side are you on?

The Who

In the comic book it's probably easier to comment on who doesn't appear in Civil War. Alongside the main story were a host of tie in books featuring the likes of Spider-Man, the X-Men, Black Panther, Fantastic Four, The Punisher and She-Hulk to name a few.

Going off what we already know, it seems as if the film has laid out who will feature in the film and what side they have chosen. We've even had our first look at the new Spider-Man in Tom Holland. In the comic book, Spider-Man plays a pivotal role and enjoys many benefits from joining Iron Man's pro-government team. He also reveals his true identity to the public and later turns on Iron Man and joins Team Cap once realising he was nothing more than a pawn being manipulated by Tony Stark.

What's next?

Both the comic book and the film have a very political feel to them. Aspects such as government registration, constant surveillance, fear, terrorism and an overbearing fear that the one's we put our trust in are anything but worthy of said trust. There is also a sense of escalation in the Captain America films, something that will surely come to a head in Civil War.

At the end of the Civil War comic book, many of the superheroes who sided with Captain America are imprisoned in a Negative Zone prison, something which will be mimicked in the film via the prisons we see rising from the water in the films trailer. Rather more distressing though is the fate of Captain America.

The comic book first has Steve Rogers arrested for his crimes against the US Government and later assassinated on steps of the court house he is due to be heard in. In true comic book style, the assassination is a little convoluted and comes at the hands of Crossbones and Agent Sharon Carter, both of whom feature in Captain America: Civil War.

It would be impossible for Marvel to fit the entire comic book storyline into one film, and the presumption is that the fallout will continue into the studios various films and TV shows. However, the similarities will also be plentiful and we only have to wait a few more weeks to find out what will happen when the Avengers come to blows with each other.

Captain America: Civil War is in cinemas 29 April.

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