"It’s called 'Reluctant Millennial' because a lot of it is about me being annoyed" Idle chit-chat with Tom Lucy

Hey Tom, how the hell are you?

I’m good. How are you? (I’m aware you can’t respond to that but manners maketh man)

I can respond though in a timeshift sort of way... I am very well thanks for asking. What have you been up to today?

What a day I’ve had! I leave for Edinburgh in a couple of days so I’ve been doing all the things that I’ve left far too late. Like writing my show. I also went to the tip this morning.

I quite often have to berate comedians for the state of their website but yours is pretty nifty. But the “about you” section is always a bit dry. So, in the style of a haiku, tell us about you.

I just had to Google what a haiku is. You want me to write a Japanese poem on the spot?! What do I win?

Describe your comedy style.

This is a very difficult question to answer but I would say it’s pretty self-deprecating and observational, from the point of view of a 22-year-old. In my new show, there’s a lot of material about growing up and the particularly awkward phase between childhood and adulthood that I find myself in.

Tell us what you can about your new show for the Fringe, ‘Reluctant Millennial’, in two sentences?

It’s a funny funny funny show. There’s a lot of serious shows at the fringe under the category of ‘comedy’ but this show is funny funny funny.

What’s there to be reluctant about?

It’s called 'Reluctant Millennial' because a lot of it is about me being annoyed with being labelled a ‘millennial’ and all the negative connotations of that word at the moment. There’s also a lot of behaviour in my generation that I don’t understand, so I talk a lot about that. But it’s funny!

How many times have you been to the Fringe, and what’s your best memory?

My first year I was 18 years old so this is my 4th year at the festival but only my 2nd solo show. My best memory is probably last year when one night I found myself at 4am in a club dancing topless on a podium with the political comedian Mark Steel.

You’ve supported an impressive list of people, I know you’re not supposed to choose favourites, but who did you enjoy supporting most?

I really loved the support I did for Michael McIntyre. He’s a big reason I started doing stand up so the whole thing was very surreal for me. But they’ve all been great to be honest. It’s an amazing experience to learn from comedians at the top of their game.

I usually do music stuff, so seeing the fab Ferris & Sylvester on the Twitter feed was nice. How come they’re all over your Twitter? Are you mates?

Yes! They are friends of mine. I went to school with Issy Ferris and we’ve been friends for a long time. I think they’re so good. I recently interviewed them for my podcast ‘Tom Lucy Plus One’ too.

As an aside I actually interviewed them earlier this year. They’re lovely.

But enough about your celebrity mates and my interviews, tell us about your podcast?

It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve just finished Series 1 and it was 10 interviews with 10 people who I wanted to talk to. They’re all sorts of people from musicians to comedians to actors. You can listen to them all now by searching for Tom Lucy Plus One and I’m already lining up some amazing guests for Series 2 in the autumn.

What TV show do you literally dream about being on?

The Jeremy Kyle Show.

How was hanging at Latitude recently? I see they gave you a whole 3 hours in their portacabin...

I did indeed get 3 hours in my own private portacabin. It’s a very luxurious life I lead. I tried to get backstage into the music area to see Liam Gallagher but my friend and I were stopped by a security man. I’m not quite as well known as I thought I was.

One of my rules in life has always been never to trust anyone with a first name as a surname, so, Tom Lucy, what would you do to make me trust you?

Haha. That’s a great rule to live by. I don’t know how to make you trust you! I’ve got a bronze Duke of Edinburgh award?

You’re a big user of Twitter, so is it a place for genuine discussion and debate by well-informed individuals or a smorgasbord of vile humans arguing with each other?

I don’t get involved with any discussion on Twitter really. I open the app to post something funny and then I close the app. I stay well away from the nasty side of it.

Tell us a charity we should support. And why.

Barnardo’s. I’ve hosted a few events for them over the last year and am now a Young Ambassador for them which is very flattering. They’re great and deserve all the support in the world.

When was the last time you were starstruck?

I’ve just recently discovered that Harry Enfield lives near me which is very exciting. I’m such a big fan. I keep seeing him sitting outside coffee shops near my flat and every time I bottle it about going over to say hello. I will one day.

What other comedian is worth checking out?

At the moment I’m really into John Mulaney and I’m watching a lot of his stuff. He’s really very good.

What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

Bath or shower? To which my answer would be flannel wash.

Finally, how do you take your coffee?

Black. No sugar. Like Harry Enfield.

You can catch Tom 's show in Edinburgh at The Attic, The Pleasance Courtyard, from now until 28th Aug at 8.15pm. Tickets are available now, for some shows.

To find out more about Tom you can visit his website, follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook, or stalk him on Instagram. Actually you can't stalk him his Instagram is dead.

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