"It’s about a worm who has misunderstood her existence" Idle chit-chat with Lucy Pearman

Hey Lucy, how the devil are you?

I’m alright thank you it has rained so I’m quite pleased about that.

What have you been up to today?

I have just woken up so all I’ve been up to is making a cup of tea and now I’m talking to you.

Where are you right now?

In bed actually.

I like a good moan about comedians’ websites but YOU. HAVEN’T. GOT. ONE. Why the heck not?

Because I don’t want you to moan about it. That’s not the real reason. I can’t really afford it, you have to get someone to design it and then pay for it every month and I haven’t got any money sadly.

Right, in the style of a haiku, tell us about you.

I’m still in bed and

I haven’t got a website

It has rained today

Describe your comedy style.

Idiotic nonsense with secret messages.

Tell us what you can about your new show for the Fringe, ‘Fruit Loop’, in two sentences?

It’s about a worm who has misunderstood her existence. She has heard about how caterpillars turn into butterflies and thinks “Oh yeah, I’m gonna do that too”.

How many times have you been to the Fringe, and what’s your best memory?

This will be my seventh year. My best memory is probably getting nominated for best newcomer. I have never ever been any good at anything like sports or maths so it was very nice for that to happen.

How have your preview shows gone?

Well yesterday someone bought lots of children and two dogs and about 4 people walked out.

How hot has it been dressing up as a worm? You do dress up as a worm, right?

Excellent question. Yes I do, it’s quite hot but not as hot as my grapes costume.

You were interviewed by the Guardian; career highlight? 

No I think this interview is my career highlight

You're too kind. Is answering questions like these the most boring part of your day?

No. The most boring part of my day is going through my sound cues for the 700th time.

For those that haven’t a clue, who are LetLuce?

LetLuce are Letty Butler and Lucy Pearman two girls, two cups.

And were you big fans of the band? I loved ‘Crazy For You’. 

Big fans but it got played too much didn’t it that song?

What TV show do you literally dream about being on?

You’ve Been Framed.

Tell us a charity we should support. And why.

Clowns Without Borders is good. They send clowns to refugee camps to entertain the families.

When was the last time you were starstruck?

I saw Suggs at the train station two weeks ago, he has such a nice suit on.

What other comedian is worth checking out?


What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

Might have been nice if you asked me to look after and then keep loads of money.

Finally, how do you take your coffee?

Small, only one shot please and no milk

Thanks so much for your time Lucy. Hope you have an amazing Fringe.

Thank you for this nice time we have had together.
Tickets for her Fringe show, 'Fruit Loop', are on sale now. She's at Monkey Barrel every day (apart from 14th August) at 6:30pm.

The Telegraph loved her show, read their review to find out why.

If you want to find out more about Lucy then you'll need to follow her Twitter.

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