"I have a character based on my family dog, Peter. He was born without a tail so looks sad all the time" Idle chit-chat with EGG

Our usual friend Wikipedia doesn't seem to have an entry for EGG so we'll go to the duo's own website for an introduction: they're "a new and exciting comedy double act". We had the chance to ask our usual bunch of random and very specific questions to the lovely Anna and Emily, the pair who make up the new and exciting comedy duo, EGG.

Hello EGG, how the devil are you?

We’re really good thank you for asking. How the devil are you?

Very, very fair to middling, thanks. Who are you?

We’re Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini. We’re both Actors, comedians, writers and improvisers.

What have you been up to today?

Emily’s been frantically trying to meet a writing deadline. Anna’s been rehearsing a show she’s in - and now we’re together about to rehearse for our Edinburgh Show.

Describe your comedy style.

Our style changes sketch to sketch, but mostly we look at the world around us, the world we want to live in, and then we solve it all by fighting over a chair and shoving cucumbers down our trousers.

Tell us what you can about your “character led sketch show” Richard Pictures, in two sentences?

Richard Pictures is a sketch show by two off-white women asking all the questions. No, those questions don’t have anything to do with fertility, that’s not why we’re called EGG guys, come on.

How many times have you been to the fringe, and what’s your best memory?

This will be our second year as EGG and our 8th in total with BattleActs, our 5* award-winning (I thank you) Improv group.

The best memory is without a doubt an audience member getting one of our punchlines tattooed onto his arm. (After the show, It’s not that kind of show)

What do you do when you’re there? (Other than your shows obvs.)

Emily does three shows a day because she thinks she has more stamina than she actually does. Between shows she’s in a corner gently crying. And Anna is usually scouting out food to lure Emily back to reality with. On our day off we go to Portobello beach for a picnic.

Now I’m not sure who’s answering this but you’ve both done a variety of acts roles, what’s been the most enjoyable so far?

Emily: Sad Peter

Anna: I knew you’d say Sad Peter.

Emily: I have a character based on my family dog, Peter. He was born without a tail so looks sad all the time.

Anna: He was in the old show. He’s not in this show.

Emily: He could be...

What’s the TV show you most want to do?

OURS, the one we’re writing together now… watch this space. (For a while...)

You’ve got a podcast on BBC Radio 1 at some point this year, what’s that about?

BattleActs is an award-winning Improv comedy show where two teams of improvisers are pitched against each other by a ball-busting compere. It gets pretty raucous and we’re expecting it to be a lot of fun!

And are podcasts so popular at the minute?

Because they are so accessible and hosts don’t seem to be limited by the red tape commissioners for radio & TV can put around a project. People are freer to say what they really think!

Give us your worst spoiler.

Richard Pictures is a classy dick pic. And she dies in the end.

Nice poster for your Fringe show by the way, who comes up with most of the funny stuff?

We do babies! It’s a team job.

The BBC have tried to get more female comedians on their panel shows by forcing the issue, what’s your experience of the gender imbalance in comedy?

When Emily first started doing stand-up, she was pulled off a gig because there was another Asian female on the line up as well. That sucked.

There is definitely progress, but there’s still often only one female act on a line up so there’s still a way to go.

What more should promoters / punters / bookers be doing?

We’re quite lucky that a lot of the promoters we gig for champion equality in comedy. Everyone should be like them!

You’re on Twitter a bit, but my question is, social media… bringing people closer together or destroying civilisation?

We don’t watch Love Island, but because of social media we know exactly what is happening in that villa. Is that good, is it bad? We just don’t know.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve gigged?

Bromley. In the middle of the set, which was in a pub, a man came in shouting that he was selling cockles and mussels.

What other comedian is worth checking out?

There are too many. Mawaan Rizwan, Sarah Keyworth, The Crooners, Lazy Susan, Emma Sidi - that’s one person right?

What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

You should have asked us how much we charge for these interviews.

Finally, how do you take your coffee?

Emily can’t drink coffee because it gives her heart palpitations and makes her twitch. Anna takes it in a keep cup because, the planet y’kno.

Actually, finally, what came first?

The EGG!

Thanks so much for your time EGG. Enjoy the Fringe and your preview shows!

Thank YOU

EGG are performing Richard Pictures at Pleasance Courtyard (The Cellar) from 1st August – 26th August, each day at 6pm. Tickets are available from the website

To find out more about EGG visit their website. You can also see how funny they are on Twitter, like them on Facebook, or mildly stalk them on Instagram.

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