You can now Chromecast from Amazon Video!

You can now Chromecast from Amazon Video!

Amazon and Google have finally put down their weapons and have declared peace in their recent war that saw Amazon removing Google devices from their store and Google firing back by preventing YouTube and Chromecast from supporting Amazon platforms such as the Echo and Amazon Video.

The spat kicked off when Google withdrew support for Echo Show devices and the long running feud, which let's be honest was pretty anti-consumer, seemed to escalate as each side did something else to restrict the reach of their competitor.

They announced earlier this year that they would stop their bickering and the first signs of our new Amazon and Google as friends future is here with the news that you can now Chromecast from Amazon Video apps - meaning Google's smart dongle has another streaming feather in its cap. Similarly, Amazon Fire devices can now use the YouTube app again!

We haven't seen Google's devices return to the Amazon store yet, but we imagine it won't be long - although maybe not quite in time for some deep cutting Prime Day discounts.

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