"I say all the wicked things on stage that I resist saying in real life" Idle chit-chat with Tania Edwards

Hey Tania, how the heck are you?

Fab thanks.

What have you been up to today?

I’m on my way to Katowice for a wedding.

And where are you right now?

At the Champagne bar at Stansted airport, perusing the notes on ‘Drinking vodka at Polish weddings’ we received with our invite.

So, gotta ask, who’s that amazing little dog in your press photo?

That’s Frieda. I met her at a great comedy night at Victoria Stakes in Muswell Hill. She belongs to the landlady Lucy.

Tell us about your show ‘Not My Dog’, in two sentences

I say all the wicked things on stage that I resist saying in real life. It’s dark and funny and very amusing to do.

Describe your comedy style. 

I’m a stand-up. I tell jokes to buy more talking time. I’m from a family of talkers. If you pause for breath (wine) someone else leaps in. We can be destroyed by three monosyllabic answers in a row.

And tell us something about you that we won’t know.

Well, that’s broad - that’s everything ha ha. I have size eight feet, I get vertigo when I’m fed up, I’m a great swimmer, I’m a horrible dancer. How’s that?

Very good. How was your Edinburgh Fringe? And have you caught up on your sleep yet?

I was there with my toddler. I haven’t slept for years.

I know you’ve toured with Katherine Ryan, and I ask everyone the same thing about her; how fun was that?

 It was wonderful. She’s at the top of her game. Glitter Room is a superb show.

There’s a lot of talk about female comedians on TV and comedy bills, what’s your experience of being a woman in the comedy world?

I’m not sure all the talk is helpful. Women work in space, why wouldn’t they work at the Comedy Store?

What needs to change in the comedy world to make things better?

Your act. It takes time to do well in comedy because it takes time to be good.

What’s the TV or radio panel show that you’d most like to be on?

Have I Got News For You. I’m mad about Ian Hislop. And my mother would love it.

Tell us a charity we should support. And why.

The Coral Reef Alliance. Or any charity that supports our oceans. Because we need them to splash about in.

When was the last time you were starstruck?

I don’t think I’ve ever been starstruck. I had an existential crisis last week because Rhod Gilbert’s show ‘The Book of John’ was so sublime. Will that do?
Yes it will. What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

When did you last have an existential crisis?
Finally, how do you take your coffee?


To find out more about Tania, including where to catch her live set, you can visit her website. You can also follow her on Twitter or check out her Instagram.

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