Trump’s ‘it doesn’t matter, we won’ response disgusted me - introducing a hero for our times, Emily Laing

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Meet Emily Laing - an actress and all round amazingly talented person. She's already made a splash on stage and screen and recently leant her voice to Big Finish for one of their Bernice Summerfield stories playing a younger version of the titular character. While it was this brilliant performance that first put her on our radar, most recently she's made a name for herself by showcasing one of her other talents - songwriting and performing - to create some of the best and markedly pointed tunes we've enjoyed.

Her music is very much focused on how she sees the world with her targets to date including Brexit, Boris Johnson, Christopher Chope and just today, Piers Morgan. She wears her politics on her sleeve and takes no prisoners with her acerbic lyrics.

To put it succinctly, she's fucking awesome and she's a true hero.

We managed to grab a little of Emily's valuable time to ask some questions.

Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself and introduce yourself to our readers?

So…my name’s Emily Laing. I’m an actress. I graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2014. Since then I’ve worked in theatre, film and television. However, I have also started a YouTube channel which is where I post songs and poems I’ve written.

What was the inspiration behind your channel? What made you put your point forward with your music?

I’ve never considered myself a singer or musician of any kind. But when I was little I had a real knack for poetry and once I picked up a ukulele I found a way to put the two together.

As an actor I’ve spent months in between jobs waiting to be given permission to use my voice. We, as a people, have a lot of creative energy and I found if that energy was stifled it could manifest into something quite negative. I’ve found real release and excitement in writing my songs. It’s given me an opportunity to use my brain, wit and talk about things I’m passionate about. And all on my own terms.

At times your videos feel improvised - do you go in with your lyrics already worked out or do you come up with them on the fly?

All of my songs have been written in about 30-45 mins!! I have a tendency to overthink so I try and get them out in a bout of inspiration and passion. However it means that whilst I’m recording I often forget the words and so have to improvise lyrics, tune or strumming pattern. I also have a bad habit of laughing at my own jokes. As videos they’re often quite rough and ready. But I almost prefer them like that because they’re more truthful and feel like me.

Of all the issues you see around you right now, which is the one that most worries you or makes you angry?

Almost too many to mention. Brexit, travel ban, locking children in cages, gun control. Mainly Trump and his daily happenings.

Everyday there seems to be a fresh crop of despair and hatred.

The Kavanaugh hearing was shocking. And Trump’s ‘it doesn’t matter, we won’ response disgusted me.

I’m currently writing a poem about sexual assault made up of direct quotes from women who wrote to me sharing their experiences. It’s a tricky task but something we need to keep talking about.

You've recently become involved with Big Finish playing a younger version of Bernice Summerfield - how did that come about?

Aaah, that was a beautiful experience. Lisa Bowerman (of Benny Summerfield fame) and I worked together in New York last year.

We were playing mother and daughter and had a blast.

So when Scott and James from Big Finish were on the hunt for a young Bernice, Lisa suggested me, I auditioned and was cast!

Will we be hearing more of your take on the character?

We’ll have to see! Anything’s possible…

What is next for you? Is there anything exciting you're working on you can share with us?

I have a couple of projects that will be making an appearance soon!

I also did a short film this year with Geraldine Sommerville and Eliot Cowan which turned out to be one of my favourite and most fulfilling jobs!

It’s one in a series of short films directed by Paul Wyett and produced by Kieran Bew. I’m excited for the world to see them!

You can follow Emily Laing on Twitter - and if you're not already, why not? You can also find out more about her via the United Agents website  and you can subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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