What is Geek:Life all about?

Over the years, we've often wanted to write about things that didn't fit within The Digital Fix's defined areas. In the past these subjects have eventually either been forced in where they don't fit OR worse, forgotten.

The aim of Geek:Life is to change all of that. It's an area of the site where we can write about ANYTHING that doesn't fit into the main verticals - it could be tech, comics, beer, food - you name it, we hope to be able to cover it here. The buzzword for this section is passion; that's what we equate the term 'geek' to. It's not a derogatory thing, we think of it as a term for someone who is extremely passionate about a specific subject or hobby.

We always looking for great writers to join us and write about their passions too. If you're interested then why not click here to find out more about writing for The Digital Fix.

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