7 Geek-Tastic Things You Need To Know About Nine Worlds

London Geekfest 2014 is over but this is why we’re already buying our tickets for next year…

All Kinds Of Geekdom Are Celebrated

From a gin appreciation seminar to a talk on Cyborgs, Robots and Gender, it’s amazing how many different interests are covered at Nine Worlds. Love Food? Check out the food geekery events. Want to watch a movie? See what’s playing at the film festival. Need help finishing your book? There’s a beating writers block workshop. Always wondered why people claim they’ve been abducted by aliens? The scepticism talk on The Psychology of Alien Contact is for you. Knitting, LARPing, cabaret, gaming… the list is endless. At Nine Worlds, the question isn’t are you a geek? It’s what do you geek?

It’s One Of The Most Inclusive Cons Around

By their very nature, Cons tend to be pretty inclusive places. Nine Worlds however, takes it to a whole new level. They treat the issue of harassment very seriously and anyone not abiding by the code of conduct will be swiftly ejected. They also work with the venue to make all the toilets any gender, so that anyone who is Trans or doesn’t associate with a gender doesn’t have to worry about which one they use. There are also different coloured tags available for people who might be on the autistic spectrum, to let others know if they’re comfortable with talking to new people, as well as plenty of accessibility aides for the less-abled bodied and trigger warnings on controversial talks.

It Has A Whedonverse Sing-A-Long!

Unsurprisingly Joss Whedon gets his own series of events (as does Doctor Who and Game of Thrones), which includes a Whedonverse sing-a-long. So awesome it gets its own point in this feature, everyone who loves Buffy’s musical episode Once More With Feeling and Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog turns up to accompany one dude on a piano. The best moment this year came when two attendees, who were dressed up as Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer, started acting out a scene from the show while everyone sang along. Incredibly geeky, but incredibly amazing! Check out the video below for a taste of the action…

It’s Very Family Friendly

In the same way that Nine Worlds makes an effort to embrace people from all walks of life, it’s also very family friendly. Any events, which might not be suitable for children have an age limit attached, and for all the others kids are very much welcome – need to breast-feeding in a talk? Not a problem, but there’s also a changing room if you prefer. There’s also a kid-friendly area with crafts and story telling which holds a morning family meet-up, plus a dedicated childrens’ programme full of exciting events to make adults jealous, such as Dalek Disaster! With Pyjama Drama and Cakes in Space with Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.

The Cosplay Is Awesome… But Not Pressurised

Cosplay goes hand in hand with Conventions and Nine Worlds is no exception. Walking around the Con you’ll see plenty of characters you recognise and some you won’t. All types of fancy dress are represented from a knitted Loki to Daenerys with her dragons, but what makes Nine World’s cosplay a bit different, is that there’s no pressure surrounding the costumes. Some people go all out, others don’t dress up at all, but everyone is given tokens to hand to attendees whose costumes they like. Rather than count them all up and crown and King and Queen of cosplay at the end of the con, Nine Worlds operates a non-hierarchical system, giving a prize to everyone who received 15 or more tokens, plus all children.

You’ll Love The Speakers

For a Con, which has only just had its second year you might be surprised by the various speakers you’ll see at Nine Worlds. Highlights this year included Miltos Yerolemou (aka Syrio Forel from Game of Thrones) giving a lesson on water dancing, comic book writer Kieron Gillen talking about his new work The Wicked + The Divine, and journalist Laurie Penny stating “storytelling is activism” in the Where Are The Women In The Creative Industry? talk. Although there might be someone in particular you’d love to meet, quite often the best experiences come from listening to someone unexpected and Nine Worlds makes the effort to feature a wide range of professionals and experts each year.

They Party All Night Long, Sort Of

You’ll need plenty of stamina to the make the most of Nine Worlds. After the day’s events finish the evenings entertainment starts, and ranges from rock band karaoke to an 80s disco. What better way to end the day than everyone getting together for a drink and dance? It’s the perfect opportunity to regroup with friends and make new ones, and this year’s Nine World Party featured Queen tribute band, Rhapsody, and had a Flash Gordon Vs the Highlander theme. Now, who wouldn’t want to see that?

Sound like your sort of thing? Get your tickets for Nine Worlds 2015 now.

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