Geek Girl's Top 5

This week's Geek Girl's Top 5 includes how to survive a zombie apocalypse, action figures, computer games, shoes and DVDs galore!

Under £10
Ever been sat lounging around with a brew and wondered what you'd do if the zombie apocalypse suddenly kicked off? Well fear no more as this mug from Truffle Shuffle will talk you through exactly what to do - and you'll even get to finish your drink! It's £4.99.
Under £25
If you put together a list of your top ten film duos, Jay and Silent Bob have got to be on there, right? Well now you can own them in action figure form! Forbidden Planet are selling them individually for £19.99 each from September.
Under £50

The Batman Arkham computer games are some of the most popular in recent years and now you can pick up the Arkham Origins Collector's Edition from Zavvi for just £37.98.

Under £100

Here's something a bit different to my usual finds - The Beatles Vans! Seriously, how cool are these?! They're £55.00 from ASOS.

Over £100

Two years ago, Universal Studios celebrated its 100th anniversary. And two years has made a helluva price difference! You can now pick up this incredible box set, containing 100 of their biggest hits, rare photos and a poster. £114.99 is such a bargain! Thanks, Zavvi!

Don't forget to check back in next week for even more geeky goodies!

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