The Sun accuses 'Snowflakes' of misinterpreting Frankenstein in a calculated attempt at discrediting academia

The Sun, the UK's most dangerous publication, this week published an article headlined "Snowflake students claim Frankenstein’s monster was ‘misunderstood’ — and is in fact a VICTIM". While the Twittersphere has quickly taken to mocking Rupert Murdoch's gutter rag, it should be noted that this isn't as stupid a claim as is being made out.

The Sun's Online Headline

The 'news' paper is very much a right wing publication and it is attempting to create a narrative that will encourage their readers to discount academic teachings and 'expert' views - while we may all laugh that they appear to be misundering the underlying tale in Mary Shelley's novel, they in fact know all to well that Frankenstein's creation is indeed a victim and this was entirely Shelley's intention from the start.

Tony Gallagher, The Sun's Editor knows this. Gary O'Shea and Thea Jacobs, the article's authors know this too.

The right wing has often attempted to discount 'expert' views as being worthless - evidence based research is ignored in favour of knee-jerk reaction on everything from drug laws to Brexit. By continuing to poke at the divide between academia and their readers, they are intentionally chipping away at the tenuous trust that exists between social groups in the UK.

Mock them, but we should understand that this article is just another chilling attempt in a long line of attempts at making their readers and the wider UK population question the knowledge and facts of experts and academics.

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