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Man, I love writing these posts. There is no end to the amount of sheer awesomeness that is available on the internet. Whether you're into movies, comic books, games or retro TV series, there really is something for everyone out there. Check out my favourites finds from this week.

Under £10
Like it or not, the new year is fast approaching. Make sure you stay on top of things with this handy Lego desktop calendar. Just £9.99 from the Lego website.
Under £25
Fancy jetting off for warmer climes? Can't say I blame you. Be sure to pack your very own Wilson in case of a Castaway emergency. This little dude is £12.99 from Firebox.
Under £50

Comic book covers are the new film posters. Pick up a copy of this DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Poster Book (£27.99 from Firebox) and feast your eyes on some of the best that comic book artists have to offer.

Under £100

It can't be just me that is disappointed that it's hard to track down anything bigger than a single when it comes to superhero bedding. Well, guess what I've just uncovered - a kingsize set! Yay! This Spider-Man one is £65.34 from Amazon.

Over £100

If you liked the special Alien Anthology I featured last week, you'll love this week's blowout item. Mother's Basement has an incredibly detailed Engineer statue, priced at £319.99. The problem is, it's only available to pre-order, so you can't actually have it until next summer! Plenty of time to get saving though.

Check back here next week for more geeky goodies!

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