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Firefly Board Game

OK, you Browncoats out there had better brush off those purty duds of yours cause we got ourselves a gorram game to play.


Based on the cult TV show of the same name from the brain pan of Mr Joss Whedon.

Gale Force 9 who previously produced the Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery have just launched their next big license. Historically any licensed properties from TV or movies are usually pretty awful affairs, board games are no different; with most toys aisles in the big stores stuffed with either a dozen terrible Doctor Who games or another Monopoly brand.

However Spartacus was actually a pretty good effort which managed to carry over a lot of the scheming and mayhem that made the first season of Spartacus so much fun.

Firefly is looking to repeat this result. Players take the role of a captain of a Firefly class ship who must gather a crew and mosey about the 'verse delivering cargo and choosing which side of the law to stay. All the while avoiding the Alliance and Reavers.


Its a beautiful looking thing with a whole mess of components tied in to the theme and its looking to be a lot of fun. It has all the characters from the show and a ton of little touches that call back to the series.

This is set to hit stores in October.

Last updated: 06/08/2018 21:24:17

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