We're all Martian after all

The Goldschmidt Meeting, a major science conference in Italy, has heard a theory that life on Earth may have actually originated on our smaller, redder cousin. According to Professor Steven Benner, the Earth of a few billion years ago was missing a couple of the key ingredients that scientists believe were needed to kick start the very origins of life - however it turns out that those same ingredients, minerals containing boron and molybdenum, were actually abundant on Mars at the same time.

Indeed, conditions on early Mars were far more conducive to life than the present day and there is a strong possibility that it started there before being flung across the cosmos on a Megabus-style asteroid on a collision course with our current home planet. Many kilogrammes of Mars rock arrive on Earth every year as a result of asteroid impacts sending material into space and while the Mars of today is cold and both magnetically and atmospherically challenged it was a lot different in the distant past.

Source: BBC

Last updated: 06/08/2018 21:37:31

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